Unity - Multi-Res Screenshots

If you're making a mobile game you probably noticed Apple requires screenshots at quite a few different resolutions with different aspect ratios. Even if you're not working in mobile this isn't uncommon. So here's one way to do it automically.

Read more about taking screenshots in multiple resolutions..

Bintu Run - Game Design

Read more about the through process behind designing Bintu Run.

By the way, Bintu Run is releasing on iOS in less than a week on 7/23/2015! I want to be able to concentrate on one version at first, but I do expect to release an Android version a couple weeks later.

Bintu Run - Launch Trailer

A gameplay trailer for Bintu Run is now up on YouTube! It's recorded at 1080p, but you might have to set the quality if Youtube doesn't give you the high-res version by default.

Creating and editing trailers is bit of a pain, you keep finding little things you want to change or redo. Kinda like making games actually. Overall I like how it turned out, so I think I can consider the trailer done.

I also have a game build in beta right now that could possibly be the final build. There's always more to do, but I think it's in a good state for release, and then I of course expect it will be updated later with more content, polish, and bug fixes.

Bintu Run - Game Announcement

Bintu Run is a racing / runner game for mobile platforms. I expect to release on IOS and Android, although I might stagger the releases so I can concentrate on just one platform first and learn from it. While it was developed for phones, the graphics are high-res and it looks amazing to me on tablets, so my Ipad Air is actually my favorite device to play on.

Amazon Phone or Windows Phone releases are possible but unlikely at this point. Same thing with a PC release. It was developed mainly on a PC, and it's fun to play on PC too, but I think a mobile targeted games generally don't do well on PC.

Learn more about Bintu Run.

Developers Blog - Technical Details

Bintu Run is developed using the Unity Engine, current build is using Unity 4.6.4. The source code to the game is written entirely in C#.

I wrote my own physics engine for Bintu Run. There are a few reasons for this. One is for curve support since that is a main ingredient of the gameplay, so it does collision against actual Hermite curves. Another reason is for fair competitive play and working replays I needed to make sure it was completely deterministic. Plus coding physics is just a fun project, and even though my physics isn't that advanced now, it does open the door to trying new things that might differentiate a game from what is done with the usual 3rd party physics.

Monkeys Learn How to Fly

In an unexpected turn of events, several monkeys have learned how to fly from repeated viewing of Launchpad McQuack on Duck Tales.

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